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Send money to your bKash wallet in Bangladesh with Moneygram.

Alfa Touch Zero Fees

Pay your Alfa & Touch mobile bills with zero fees.

MG Cyprus

Transfer US Dollars with CashUnited to your Euro bank account in Cyprus through Moneygram.


The EURO 2020 & COPA AMERICA 2021 are finally here! Get your BeIN Connect subscriptions now from any CashUnited location in LBP. 


Visit to download our app “My CashUnited” to receive your receipts electronically and keep track of your transaction history.


Don’t stop binging and get your Netflix cards from any CashUnited branch and pay in LBP.

Shahid VIP

اشتركوا عبر كاش يونايتد لتحضروا الأفلام  والمسلسلات الجديدة على شاهد
للمزيد من المعلومات تواصلوا معنا على واتساب على الرقم: ٧٠٣٩٠١١١


Free Fire Diamonds



LibanPost Domestic Post Express Service

Launched on 11/2/2019

Playstation Lebanon

Launched on 27/11/2018

South Lebanon Water Establishment

The  South Lebanon Water Establishment, represented by its Chairman, General Manager Dr. Waseem Daher, and CashUnited, represented by its Executive Director, Antoni Lorfing, signed an agreement whereby the second will collect the bills charged to the participants of the water service .

The agreement was signed under the auspices of the "Lebanon Water Project - USAID" and provides subscribers with the option to pay their dues at all CashUnited Centers and offices, including the approved Libanpost centers, where citizens will be able to save time by paying their bills optionally in the nearest center, within the southern cities and....